We look after our companies

Our role is to act as business sparrers to early-stage startups and help them to develop and grow. The most important sectors to us are B2B SaaS, medtech, healthtech and cleantech.

We support the members of our company family in different stages of their growth. Sustainability lies at our heart, because we want to provide work not only today, but in the future as well.

We believe in the power of teamwork

Sontek was originally founded as a group of ICT companies in 2008. Over the years, we have shifted our focus towards venture capital and holding.

Petri Kiikka, the founder of Sontek, is the driving force behind the company. He continues the history of Kiikka family businesses of nearly 100 years. Sontek has taken gradual steps towards growth and its turnover exceeds 10 million euros nowadays. We are based in Finland but operate e.g. in Canada and Spain.

Sontek is a financially stable company that looks far into the horizon. Each Sontek Group employee, up to and including the management, is ready for hard work. We believe in refining old ideas – and creating new ones, when necessary.

Sustainability is the common denominator in everything we do. We employ more than 200 people in our group of companies. Environmental responsibility means concrete actions to us in our everyday lives. We favor low-emission vehicles, just to name an example.

  • 1921
    Antti Kiikka founds the construction company Pyramidi
  • 1948
    Osmo Kiikka founds the paint company Teknos
  • 2007
    Petri Kiikka founds the investment company ICT Holding
  • 2008
    ICT Holding becomes a software company and is renamed Sontek Oy
  • 2011
    Petri’s sister Paula Salastie continues as the CEO of Teknos. Petri remains as a partner and a board member.
  • 2012
    Petri continues to develop Sontek
  • 2015
    Jouni Salmi joins the Sontek Group in its operative actions
  • 2016
    Opening of the Tampere office of Sontek
  • 2018
    Sontek Ventures Oy is founded to operate in the venture capital business. B2B SaaS, medtech, healthtech and cleantech are chosen as sectors to be invested in.
  • 2020
    Sontek Ventures is approved as a member of Finnish Venture Capital Association

Sontek Oy

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